Whether you have a great new idea or want to iterate on your current work, Archaic Future is here to help. We specialize in helping you find the right tech strategy to fit your current needs. Sometimes that means getting you set up with the online presence to manage your new business and sometimes that means figuring out how to take your current projects to the next level. Whatever the size, we can help you figure it out.

For new entrepreneurs and individuals launching their small business, we can create a unique web presence or webstore, guide you in choosing the right tools to automate your workflow, and streamline your tech so that you can stress less about technology and focus on getting down to business. For those looking to boost their current set up, we can help you choose the strategy and technology to grow with your company.

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Selected Work

Marketing & Landing Sites

dTOOR was ready to move from Wordpress to a custom site that reflects their personality.

Workflow Automation

With a tooling budget of $free, the F*Bomb Breakfast Club automated their user onboarding flow.

Internal Projects for Busy Companies

Crafting an interactive resource center as the go-to site for in-house employee performance & growth.

Branding & Identity

Developing eye-catching design & identity with a holistic approach to branding.

Workflow Automation with F*Bomb Breakfast Club

iPhone mockup

F*Bomb Breakfast Club is a "fucking fabulous community of female founders who cuss, cavort, and collaborate" and as the community grows, they needed a way to handle the influx of women. Onboarding each new member individually to get them connected to the private Slack group was a laborious and repetitive task. To give back to this great community (as a f*cking member), Archaic Future set up a suite of tools to automate this process.

With a budget of $free, we looked at the tools we could integrate without paying high fees for simple tasks. We brought together a simple static site with free hosting, Typeform to gather new member requests, and a Google Sheets integration to keep all the entries in one place. To top it all off, we added a Slack bot to notify the moderators of the community when a new request came in.

"It’s totally magic to me."

— Megan at F*Bomb Breakfast Club
Two laptops

The best part about the new F*Bomb Slack Onboarding project is the "set it and forget it" role of the technology. Connecting free services meant that all the boring work previously done by one person could be taken care of automatically, and no one even has to think about it!

By connecting multiple services and automating their interaction, we saved moderators' time by letting them focus on the community, not the technology. A simple landing page connected to a few key behind-the-scene tools boosted the personal productivity of everyone involved.

"I know we'll see a big boost in the activity inside the Slack group as a result of the ease of onboarding. :) "

— Carrie

An Internal Site for a Busy Tech Company

Sometimes even companies with tech teams don't have the resources to dedicate to important projects. Oftentimes, that means that non-tech departments get left behind & need a helping hand to develop their own websites and projects.

With an engineering team busy with their own work, when the HR department of a fintech company wanted to launch an employee performance and evaluation center they turned to us at Archaic Future to help them succeed.

The project was to create a user-friendly central resource for employees to read about the company's core values, expectations, & evaluation metrics while also providing an interactive way for employees to score themselves. This toolset provided the employees with a way to measure their performance against the expectations of the role and facilitate discussions about career growth & improvement.

"Thanks for all your help making it so easy for us to get it deployed, and keep it up and running."

— Lee
People meeting in an office, source: WOCinTech Chat

We collaborated with non-technical product owners from the HR department to design and develop this site in line with the company's branding and coding practices. We ensured that their team could continue to update the project independently and with the tools they already used in their everyday work.

"The people I've shown are super excited and impressed!"

— Jen

This project's success relied on our ability to dedicate the time & attention needed to a department whose projects were not given internal priority or resources. By making our client the priority, we were able to provide the service they needed not only to get the job done, but to make it a success within their company. By balancing client empathy with fitting in to the company's pre-existing engineering systems, we were able to help the department shine while providing a much-needed resource to all of their employees in the process.

Identity & Branding with Journey to Independence

A monitor showing a website

When a startup non-profit come to us us in the Spring of 2017, we had our work cut out for us. They had yet to settle on a final name and hadn't quite figured out who they were. When what would come be known as Journey To Independence approached us to build our their website where they could promote the non-profit and take donations, we quickly figured out together that we'd need to start from the basics.

We began by the process with a discovery phase to create concepts and brand ideas that would reflect the story they told abotu themselves. A two person team, made up of a designer/brand expert and a developer/project manager, quickly iterated on the ideas and feedback from the client.

After narrowing it down to the concept that resonated, we were off to the races to build out a comprehensive style & identity. In two weeks, we worked closely with our client to craft a style guide, choose brand colors and fonts, as well as develop a logo. The following weeks were dedicated to crafting their web presence--a beautiful, mobile-responsive website which allows Journey To Independence to share their mission & accept donations online.

Since our clients were starting from scratch, they wanted a holistic branding and development experience. Instead of contracting separate strategists, designers, and developers, the non-profit wanted to keep it all under one roof. By working with us at Archaic Future, they were able to access a team of experts who could work closely together to craft a consistent identity across all platforms in just a handful of weeks.

Our brand & identity services are tightly integrated with our development practice. We believe that the best way to create the web presence you need is to have our designers & developers working closely together. What's the point of great design without execution? This means that we ensure our designers are well versed in UI/UX, have a great understanding of what works on the web, and design with user experience in mind.

When you work with Archaic Future, you get a dedicated designer who will work with you to understand your brand. Each designer has different strengths & styles, so we'll pair you with a designer to match your needs as an individual to bring a unique design to the table. If you'd like to see more examples of our design & branding work, please reach out. We'd love to show you what our designers & identity experts can do to help you shine.

Marketing & Landing Sites

When a Seattle based startup was ready to seek VC investment, they realized that they needed something more than just an out-of-the-box Wordpress site. All the templates, plugins, and pre-fab designs they had tried weren't providing the value to match the investment of time & money spent on their previous website. To bring their brand to life and create a site that would keep them satisfied, they turned to Archaic Future to build out their custom marketing site & landing pages.

dTOOR is a startup creating non-rectangular phones for non-rectangular people. To reflect this identity, we stepped away from the pre-made boxy look of template sites and started from scratch to design & implement circular visual elements. By adding movement and subtle animation to the site, we brought the design to life.

By integrating design elements developed in house with new design work, we were able to expand the visual language of their marketing & blogging site to reflect the company's true identity.

"It's looking so much better than what we had before."

— Christina at dToor
3 iPads with screenshots

If you are just starting out, Archaic Future can help you craft a beautiful website to match your company. And if, like dTOOR, you've found that template sites just don't reflect the true essence of your brand, we can help course correct to get you to that sweet spot where your website will make you proud & happy.